The Johanna, a canal barge with a unique history

From its very beginning, back in 1966, the canal barge Johanna was destined to be one of kind. After all, its owner was looking for a ship with the size of a spits (39x5m), but wanted a streamlined bow. The only shipyard willing to fulfill this dream was Shipyard The Durme, based in Tielrode (B). So the Johanna came to life as a traditionally constructed ship, but without the round bow. The speed of the fast sailing ship proved to be all that was needed to compensate for its smaller payload.

When the owner decided to start enjoying retirement, the length of the Johanna was brought back to 32m, which is its actual size, and a bow thruster was installed. As true skippers, the owner and his wife decided to spend their remaining years on board and converted part of the aft cargo hold into spacious living quarters. From then on the canal barge Johanna was destined to make occasional holiday cruises till the day the skipper died, in 2009.

When Patsie and Kris first saw the Johanna in 2012, they immediately fell in love with the ship and found it perfect to be turned into the comfortable charter ship it is today. Providing room for 6 to 7 passengers, this canal barge is now the perfect way to spend a holiday on the beautiful Belgian rivers and canals.

Johanna as cargo ship bow of M/S Johanna

The technical specifications of the canal barge Johanna

After a few years the original engine was replaced by a more powerful and direct reversible Deutz RA8M 428. This engine is still the beating heart of the ship and accounts with its slow stroke for the peaceful rhythm with which we are gliding through the water.

Yard : De Durme, Tielrode, Belgium
Year build : 1966
Build nr : 365
Length : 31,93m
Breadth : 5,10m
Draft : 1,25m
Air draft : Wheelhouse up: 4,10m, - Wheelhouse down: 3,40m
Main engine : Deutz RA8M 428, air started, direct reverse, build 1955.
Engine power : 310HP at 600 Rpm.
Bowthruster : 360° Albrecht (now Hans de Groote)
Bowthruster engine : DAF 615, 120HP
Generators : Kubota 11KVA + 17KVA
Drinking Water : 13.000 liter
Fuel : 5.000 liter

Starting the old slow running engine...